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What’s the real-world solution to “quash” vaping in Ontario high schools?

Find out in May as Lung Health Foundation gathers on the frontlines to combat this province-wide health crisis on campus.

The Evolution of Teen Vaping: Confiscated Vaping Products

The Evolution of Teen Vaping: Confiscated Vaping Products

Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Moco

It Takes a Village to Stop Teen Smoking & Vaping in Ontario High Schools 

The recent announcement from Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce that the provincial government will invest $1.5 million to provide supports for students at risk of addictive behaviour, coupled with $1.5 million to Parent Involvement Committees and students to run local prevention campaigns to help deter vaping (and cellphone) distractions is a welcome early step in tackling this pervasive issue on high school campuses across Ontario. While promising, we recognize there must also be a multi-year provincial funding commitment to adequately defeat the youth vaping crisis and, at the same time, tackle the associated multiple mental health challenges facing Ontario high school students who currently vape or who may want to try vaping.

Lung Health Foundation will be on the frontlines in Ontario high schools in May leading up to World No Tobacco Day on May 31 with a comprehensive suite of excellent and proven interactive ‘built-for-results’ resources backed by behavioural science to help students, parents, guardians and educators spark conversation and take action. Our Quashprograms are ready to scale and spread widely, and they will be on full display to support Ontario teens, their families and their schools. We remain optimistic the province will continue to provide funding, so that we can confidently achieve results and impact, and protect young lungs across Ontario and Canada. To learn more about what we’re doing on the ground in schools and public-wide, visit and view our recent youth vaping policy forum.

Nicotine Addiction is Dangerously Discreet

According to Lung Health Foundation CEO Jessica Buckley, nicotine addiction in kids is a national health crisis, dangerously discreet and often unnoticed by parents and teachers.Recent studies have revealed that Canada now has among the highest youth vaping rates in the world.  “We support the government’s plan to take action to protect kids from the serious health risks associated with nicotine and vaping.  These strong measures, including transparency with parents, guardians and educators, will lead to meaningful conversations at home and in schools with an opportunity for awareness, education and promotion of effective cessation support programs.  Lung Health Foundation is committed to providing vaping cessation for youth.”

Creating a Smoke-Free Generation

As we embark on this journey to an actionable outcome, we remain committed to our mission of fostering a smoke-free future for all Canadian youth. Together, with the support of the community and government initiatives, we can turn small steps into significant strides towards a healthier, vape- and smoke-free generation.

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