Our Research

Hope is in the air

For all our big breathing breakthroughs, there is so much more that still needs to be done. Your donations help move the research we’re funding forward. Diagnostic tests and treatments can still be improved. The secrets of our immune systems need to be unlocked. And we have yet to fully harness the awesome power of gene therapy. 

With your support the Lung Health Foundation continues to fund some of the smartest minds around as they work tirelessly to transform people’s lives. 

Get to know our researchers

Dr Sharpe explains how his research, supported by the Lung Health Foundation and its generous donors, into COPD and genetics is helping to potentially develop new treatments.

Why do some pulmonary embolism patients have trouble breathing, even after we resolve the blockage in their lungs? Thanks to funding from the Lung Health Foundation, Dr. Dennis O’Donnell is finding new ways to better understand why this shortness of breath happens, and whether we can improve blood flow in the lungs to reverse it!

Do the microbes that live in your nose and mouth change with age? Could the positive bacteria in our nose and mouth die out as we get older, leaving us open to bad bacteria? Dr. Dawn Bowdish explains her adult-focused pneumonia research (and where it could lead us!)