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Beyond the basics of breathing 

Did you know that the Lung Health Foundation offers free, self-directed education and training opportunities for everyone who breathes? All you need is an internet connection and a passion for learning.

  • Our e-modules are a great place to start your journey. These self-contained digital lessons take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Don’t forget to download your completion certificate!
  • Our Youth Advocacy e-modules will teach you the basics of health promotion, get you fired up about anti-tobacco advocacy, and introduce you to emerging topics like vaping.
  • Our toolkits will help you turn your new knowledge into action. Tools include checklists, scripts, templates and more. Find relevant toolkits within each e-module topic section.
  • Our webcasts are a great interactive way to learn from the experts about a wide range of lung health topics. Explore our archived webcasts here.
  • Our downloadable Talking About… guides will help you lead your own conversations within your community.


Click on a topic below and let’s get started.

Engaging Youth With Health

What is youth engagement, and what can it teach us about the power of young people? This resource suite provides an overview of key youth engagement terms, research and philosophies. We’ll also explore practical applications of youth engagement concepts.
This topic is of particular interest to people who work with youth.
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Helping Young People Quit Smoking

Imagine helping a young person quit using tobacco, and preventing them from becoming addicted to nicotine. Youth tobacco cessation is complex, but this resource suite will demonstrate how we can apply the principles of youth engagement and achieve real results – all while putting the young person first.
This topic is of particular interest to people who work with youth.
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Educating Youth with the Talking About... Series

This series includes a set of activity guides to help facilitate critical discussion on topics such as vaping and cannabis with young people in a fun and informative manner.
This topic is of particular interest to people who work with youth.
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Bring Youth Engagement to Your Workplace

This presentation is intended for individuals/organizations who work with youth. It gives an overview of the foundational concepts of youth engagement and why it is so important to meaningfully apply these concepts in everyday practice. Feel free to download and use it at your next staff or board meeting to really sell the benefits of youth engagement!