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Youth Advocates

Be. Do. Lead.

History has taught us that young people are the ones who ignite change. You question the status quo and imagine how things could be done differently. You turn their passion into action.

If we want to get Ontarians of all ages breathing their best, we need your help.

We’re here to guide you through the elements of advocacy and give you the knowledge and skills you need to take action. We want you to lead the way on key breathing issues like smoking, vaping, climate change, and other roadblocks to lung health. But first, get the facts with one of our digital learning opportunities.

If you have 15 to 30 minutes and a hunger for change, these e-modules are for you!

Click on an e-module topic below and let’s get started.

Learn How to Push Back Against an Industry that KILLS

What sneaky stuff has the tobacco industry been up to, and how can you clap back? Let’s get fired up about an industry that needs to be extinguished.

This e-module will introduce you to the aggressive and persuasive tactics of the tobacco industry and how to fight back.

Create Your Own (Awesome) Health Promotion Campaign

Ripples of change turn into tidal waves of progress – with the right tools + strategies, that is. Can you REALLY make your community a healthier place to live and breathe? (spoiler alert – YES).

This e-module will teach your how to create your own health promotion campaigns.

What the Vape?!?! Get to Know the E-Cigarette Issue

Is this “Big Tobacco” new tactic to get people hooked? Let’s explore e-cigarettes and vaping from a lung health perspective and address this growing epidemic.

This e-module will provide a critical look at e-cigarettes/vaping (including how they work, what they’re made of, and why they’re popular), and show you why it’s SO not okay.

Make Change Happen by Jumping Into Health Advocacy

So how does change really happen? What does it take to be an advocate and stand up for what’s right? Time to get woke about how advocacy (yes, YOUR advocacy!) can influence public policy.

This e-module will give you ideas about how you can advocate in new and creative ways – whether you’re looking to create change worldwide or in your own local community.

Make An Impact At The Lung Health Foundation

There are so many ways to get involved.

It seems our remarkable volunteers rarely take a breather. From connecting with their community to number crunching to cheerleading on others, they are out there yelling and selling and making their commitment felt.

We are always looking for passionate breathers to help with events, administrative tasks or just getting the word out. There are endless ways for you to get involved, build new skills and join a cause that’s close to your heart.