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The Lung Health Foundation is dedicated to creating breathing breakthroughs for Canadians living with lung disease and their caregivers. We are committed to addressing gaps in the healthcare system and are working hard to achieve our 5 key organizational goals focusing on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease.

Our goals are bold, and our ambition require philanthropic investments to make them a reality. In considering a gift to the Lung Health Foundation, you will be joining an elite group of investors who are contributing to our mission. Our team can help get you started – we work with individuals, family and private foundations, estate planner and companies to tailor an investment plan that would allow major gift donors to join our movement and invest in shared goals.

The development team is available to speak with you about your giving options today.

Ways To Give

Gift Securities and Stocks

Did you know that when you donate shares directly to the Lung Health Foundation, we not only receive a higher donation, but you also receive an official tax receipt showing a larger contribution without increased the costs?

Canada has among the most generous tax incentives for charitable giving in the world. Capital gains tax is not applied to donations of appreciated publicly traded securities. This added incentive reduces the real cost of your charitable giving.

Gifting stocks and securities is an increasingly impactful way to support the Lung Health Foundation and the work we do to improve the lung health of Canadians. Your receipt will reflect fair market value, the amount of the closing trading price on the day we receive the shares. Our policy is to sell all securities donated as soon as we receive them.

Ready to make an even bigger impact?

Please fill and return this form. This document will be used to inform the Lung Health Foundation’s professional advisors at RBC Dominion Securities of the imminent transfer.

Make a Mid-level or Major Gift

Support through mid-level and major giving has helped the Lung Health Foundation lead the charge in ending gaps in the prevention, diagnosis, and care of lung disease in Canada.

By making a one-time or multi-year pledge greater than $5,000, you are ensuring the financial security of vital supports for Canadians living with lung disease.

As a member of our donor circle, you are investing alongside a group of elite partners committed to the lung health of Canadians.

Foundation Giving

Many of our programs and services are directly funded by private and community foundations.

We are grateful for the network of mission minded organizations who yield lifesaving impact across Canada. For a full list of our significant contributors, please our partner appreciation page.

Get in Touch

We work in partnership to address your interests, and design a customized recognition package that suits your needs.

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Legacy Gift

When you pledge to give a planned gift you’re leaving a legacy that supports fellow Canadian’s ability to breathe. Include us in your will to help fund future research, promote healthy breathing, and support those with lung disease through advocacy. Your efforts will not be forgotten. They will live on in our hearts and in the daily lives of everyone we help.

What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. Commonly donated through a will or trust, planned gifts are most often granted once the donor has passed away.

What options do I have to include The Lung Health Foundation in my will?

  • Retirement Funds – RRSPs or RRIFs
  • Gifts of Stocks or Securities
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Stock Options
  • Gift of Property

How do we make it happen?

Although we are happy to provide guidance as to the various options open to our donors, it is always recommended that this information is shared with the donors legal and/or financial team to make the decision that is right for them and their estate.

Corporate Sponsorship

Breathing is everybody’s business

True, our goals are bold and ambitious. But we also believe that we have a lot of good company. Or, perhaps we should say, companies. The Lung Health Foundation collaborates with all sorts of organizations across the province to help accelerate progress in research, provide information to the public and influence health policy. Talk to us about potential partnering opportunities. If we are to truly lead the way to breathing breakthroughs, we must work together as one.

Despite the promise that the many advances in lung health represent, there remain significant challenges and barriers that need to be addressed. There continues to be a lack of knowledge and understanding around available treatment options, preventative and management strategies, and early diagnosis.

The Lung Health Foundation aims to close the gaps that exist in lung disease prevention, management, and treatment through various educational and awareness campaigns. We continue our efforts in providing patients with the needed knowledge and supports to breathe with ease.

Educational partnership opportunities include:

  • Asthma: helping Canadians take control of their breathing
  • COPD: Helping the missing million
  • Lung Cancer: closing the gaps in lung cancer care

For more information please contact Briana Hogg at or by phone to learn more.

Employee Matching

Want to double your impact? See if your employer has a gift matching program.

Donate a Car Canada

You can turn your vehicle donation into generous dollars to support Lung Health Foundation! Working on our behalf, Donate a Car Canada will accept your vehicle for a donation — running, or not! Old or new!

There is no cost to you, and the process is incredibly easy! Donate a Car Canada will facilitate all aspects of your car donation from the pick up to the final sale, ensuring that your vehicle will be sold for the highest sale outcome possible. They will then forward the net proceeds to us here at Lung Health Foundation and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt within 2 weeks of us receiving your donation!

Get started with Donate a Car Canada 

For More Information Please Contact:

The Lung Health Foundation
18 Wynford Drive, Suite 416
Toronto, ON, M3C 0K8
Phone: (416) 864-9911

This material provides general information and is not intended to constitute or replace specific professional advice.

Donors considering a gift should speak to an advisor with appropriate tax, legal and other expertise to implement a strategy that achieves their objectives