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Lung Health Foundation Applauds U.K.’s Bold Step to Ban Tobacco Products to Those Born in 2009 or Later – and Asks Canadians to “Take the Pledge to Create a Smoke-Free Generation”

In a resounding victory for lung health, U.K. lawmakers have set a groundbreaking precedent by banning tobacco product sales to individuals born in 2009 or later. This monumental move has ignited a flame of hope for a future where our children breathe easier and live longer, free from the chains of smoking-related illnesses. The Lung Health Foundation celebrates this pivotal moment and urges Canadians to heed the call for change. It’s not just about imposing taxes or erecting barriers; it’s about fostering a grassroots movement that champions the well-being of our youth.

COPD: A $10 Billion Threat to Canada’s Healthcare System by 2030

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) looms as a $10 billion healthcare crisis in Canada by 2030 and, according to the Lung Health Foundation (“LHF”), is poised to dismantle the Canadian healthcare system. LHF is the nation’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals living with lung conditions across Canada.

Transforming Care for Canadians with Lung Cancer: Join Us in Making a Difference!

In February 2024, Pfizer joins forces with the Lung Health Foundation (LHF), Lung Cancer Canada (LCC), and the Quebec Lung Association (QLA) to spearhead a groundbreaking initiative. This collaborative effort aims to revolutionize the care and outcomes for Canadians battling metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), with a pivotal focus on enhancing health equity within this community.

Olympic and World Champion Swimmer Maggie Mac Neil: “I understand the real fear of not being able to take a deep breath”

What do a well-read 68-year-old father who always speaks his mind, a Toronto singer/songwriter with a rosy outlook on life and an adventurous Victoria B.C. non-smoker have in common with elite Canadian athlete Maggie Mac Neil, who will defend her gold medal and world record in the 100m butterfly at the Paris Olympics next summer?

5 powerful ways to carry the spirit of Lung Cancer Awareness Month year round

Our work in lung cancer doesn’t end on November 30th. As we wrap up Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2023, we urge you, the Lung Health Foundation community, to keep the momentum going. If we work together, we can create a more hopeful future for people living with lung cancer.
Here are five simple things you can start doing right now.