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About Us

Meet the Lung Health Foundation 

At the Lung Health Foundation, our unwavering commitment is to support and empower individuals living with lung disease across Canada. Through our range of community initiatives, grass-roots educational programs, research and advocacy, we elevate awareness and foster a compassionate environment for those affected by lung conditions, including their caregivers. We are dedicated to improving the lung health of Canadians.

Our story

For more than a century, the Ontario Lung Association worked tirelessly to be the recognized leader, voice and primary resource in lung health. Meanwhile, lung disease continued to place a profound burden on patients and their families, and placed a large – and growing – economic burden on every provincial healthcare system across Canada.

Given the staggering gaps we had uncovered in the prevention, diagnosis, and care of lung disease, it became clear that it was time to bring the staff and board of the association together to make some big, bold changes to our approach.

In 2020 and beyond, we are charting a new path forward. We are empowering all Canadians to improve their lung health.

We are the Lung Health Foundation. And lung health starts now!

Our vision

A world where everyone can breathe easier

Our mission

Improving the lung health of Canadians

Our focus

We help Canadians manage their health and well-being through our focus on:


We’re working to ensure that no one loses a loved one to asthma.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

We offer COPD patients programs and resources to keep them out of hospital, so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Lung cancer

We’re eliminating the barrier of stigma and giving those living with lung cancer a fighting chance.

Infectious Respiratory Disease

We work to protect Canadians from the impact of COVID-19 and ensure older adults keep their independence through immunization.

Smoking/Vaping Prevention and Cessation

We provide support and education to ensure that future generations don’t suffer the debilitating effects of lung disease caused by tobacco, cannabis, or vape products.