Virtual Classes Available

Every Monday & Wednesday | April 17 – June 21, 2023 

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10:30AM – 11:30AM ET

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If the class is full, please still register and input your information to get on our waitlist. Please contact for support in registration or any other inquiries regarding virtual FFB.

If you would like to stay active while on the waitlist, please scroll down and view our pre-recorded at-home workout videos to do at your own pace. 

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What is Fitness for Breath?

Fitness for Breath is an exercise maintenance program and support group for people living with chronic lung conditions.

  • You’ll learn the importance of staying active for life
  • Designed for patients living with chronic lung disease
  • Goal is to increase knowledge of fundamental movement skills
  • Show health-related benefits of suitable exercise

The Goals of Fitness for Breath

  • Encourage an inactive population to become active for life
  • Improve participants’ activity and daily function
  • Improve physical literacy and fundamental movement skills
  • Provide an accessible and safe exercise environment, and
  • Strengthen the community recreation sector.

Fitness for Breath engages older adults and seniors with chronic lung disease in regular physical activity to motivate them to maintain an active lifestyle, help to manage their lung disease and to continue the gains received from their participation in pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) programs. For people with chronic lung disease like COPD, regular exercise results in fewer flare-ups and hospitalizations and a better overall quality of life.

At Home Workouts

Follow along with our Fitness for Breath workout videos at home. We are continually adding to our resource library, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

Are you a fitness trainer? Get involved!

​These e-modules will help you bring Fitness for Breath to your community. For additional information and help getting started, please email us

Lung Health 101 Basic Training

This course delivers “lung health 101” training and educates trainers on chronic lung disease (specifically COPD). This is the first session that you should complete if you’d like to start delivering a Fitness for Breath program in your community. 

Fitness Trainer Program

This course assists fitness trainers in planning and implementing their Fitness for Breath exercise maintenance program for participants living with a chronic lung disease. It is intended for trainers who have completed a “Lung Health 101” training through the Lung Health Foundation, Heart Wise or another certified training program.

Find a Fitness for Breath location

Classes are supervised by qualified and trained fitness staff at each Fitness for Breath program location. They are designed to work with people at any fitness level and ability. Classes are offered a minimum of twice a week and are at least 60 minutes in length. The class components may include the following:

  • Aerobic exercises
  • Resistance / strength training
  • Flexibility exercises.