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This National Non-Smoking Week, Canada Must Prioritize the Health of its Youth and Recognize the Danger of Vaping

We are honoured to publish this eye-opening piece from Mika’il Visanji and Bianca Mammarella, two scientists-turned-advocates who are taking a stand against a serious lung health threat.
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Call for Applications: 2024 Career Establishment Research Award

Are you an early to mid-career investigator dedicated to advancing lung health research and want to make a change? The Lung Health Foundation invites you to apply for the Career Establishment Research Award, supporting independent research in the field.
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Olympic and World Champion Swimmer Maggie Mac Neil: "I understand the real fear of not being able to take a deep breath"

What do a well-read 68-year-old father who always speaks his mind, a Toronto singer/songwriter with a rosy outlook on life and an adventurous Victoria B.C. non-smoker have in common with elite Canadian athlete Maggie Mac Neil, who will defend her gold medal and world record in the 100m butterfly at the Paris Olympics next summer?
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More than one million Canadians are living with COPD and don’t know it

Have you read our whitepaper, Helping the Missing Million?

Our initial findings show that more awareness around chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including its risk factors and symptoms, is a gap that urgently needs to be filled. 

The final outcomes of Helping the Missing Million, which includes a national and provincial scorecard, will allow the Lung Health Foundation to better shape an environment that will support improved diagnosis and treatment for those living with COPD.

Make An Impact

Take Action As An Advocate

Help us light a fire under policy makers to ensure that lung health is made a top priority and given the funding it deserves. By signing petitions, emailing your MP, or attending events, you can help blow away the obstacles that stand in the way of better breathing.  

Supporting those with lung Disease

Our narrowed focus is on filling the gaps around COPD, Lung Cancer, and Asthma. Working hand in hand with healthcare professionals we have developed a plethora of resources to help Canadians breathe easier.

Finding Future Solutions

With your support the Lung Health Foundation continues to fund some of the smartest minds around as they work tirelessly to transform people’s lives. Breathtaking stuff.

Building Awareness

We’re taking a unique approach using all the technology available to us to reach out to Canadians from all age groups in an effort to build awareness around Asthma, COPD, and Lung Cancer.

Bev's Story

When Bev Black took a drag on her first cigarette back in 1964, she was oblivious to the risks. After all, just about everyone smoked in those days…

It was in the workplace, in restaurants, at the movie theatre and even in the hospitals. By the time she quit smoking the damage had already been done. As a COPD patient who has also been struck down a few times with pneumonia, the quality of Bev’s life, like millions of others, has been severely compromised.

Two lung health foundation supporters having a conversation