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Our Stories

Everyone who has been affected by lung disease – whether patient, caregiver or healthcare provider – has a story to tell. Here we share some inspirational stories about the lessons people have learned through their personal journey. Inspired? Share your story with us

Meet Chris

A Canadian living with COPD

The diagnosis of COPD came to Chris as a bit of a surprise. Prior to being diagnosed, Chris was becoming increasingly short of breath while working in construction and roofing. When he signed up to participate in a clinical study that involved a once-a-week breathing test, he was immediately disqualified on the basis that “his lung function is too far gone.”  Here are some of the hard-won insights that Chris has picked up as he deals with lung disease.

Meet Joseph

A Canadian who has survived lung cancer

Joseph Neale’s voice is clear and soulful. It’s hard to believe that he had two-thirds of his right lung removed after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Now in his late 20s, the talented singer-songwriter was just 20 years old when he began complaining of a dry, persistent cough. Though an initial chest X-ray suggested pneumonia, a subsequent CT scan indicated he had a tumour. Here, five compelling lessons Joseph learned about living through lung cancer.

Meet Bev

A Canadian who has experienced pneumonia

When Bev Black took a drag on her first cigarette back in 1964, she was oblivious to the risks. After all, just about everyone smoked in those days… It was in the workplace, in restaurants, at the movie theatre and even in the hospitals. By the time she quit smoking the damage had already been done. As a COPD patient who has also been struck down a few times with pneumonia, the quality of Bev’s life, like millions of others, has been severely compromised. This is some of her acquired wisdom.