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Lung Health Advocate

We are empowering all Canadians to improve their lung health.

Lung Health Advocates are lung health champions who assist in raising awareness about the importance of lung health in Canada. Whether you have experienced these health issues yourself or have cared for a loved one dealing with asthma, COPD, or lung cancer, we want to elevate your voice as a Lung Health Advocate and give you the platform you need to advocate for policy change. Meet some of our Lung Health Advocates.

Jennifer Falkliner

As a child, Jennifer Falkiner didn’t have any breathing issues. It wasn’t until she reached her 30’s that she began experiencing coughing, shortness of breath and tightness in her chest. She was diagnosed with asthma, a chronic lung condition that makes it hard to breathe. Listen to Jennifer’s story of hope.

Angus Pratt

Despite six cycles of chemotherapy combined with 30 days of radiation followed by immunotherapy, Angus Pratt’s cancer progressed to stage four in just months. Still, he stays positive and describes himself as a lung cancer thriver, looking for beauty in ordinary moments. Listen to Angus’s story of resilience.

Emily Eitzen

As a caregiver, Emily Eitzen relished the time she spent with her grandfather, even through the challenges he faced living with COPD. He was prone to sinus infections, chest infections, weathered through pneumonia and was hospitalized many times for illnesses associated with his COPD. But through it all, he continued to live a life surrounded by his family. Listen to Emily’s story of love and compassion.

What’s involved with becoming a Lung Health Advocate?

If you want to join our mission to improve the lung health of Canadians and be engaged in future advocacy initiatives at the provincial and/or national level please submit your name and email. A member of our team will be in touch with you.

On a volunteer basis, you may choose to participate in all or selected activities:

Meet with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) or Members of Parliament (MP) regarding lung health initiatives

Attend events or face-to-face meetings related to lung health advocacy and promotion

 Share your story at different speaking opportunities such as patient advocacy days or policy forums

Join letter writing campaigns to advocate that specific policies or programs be implemented

Be featured in our e-newsletters and resources

Become a lung health advocate

Let us help raise your voice.