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Talking about… Series

The Talking About… series is an educational resource that helps leaders address lung health issues with youth. The series includes a set of activity guides to help facilitate critical discussion with young people in a fun and informative manner.

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How To Use These Guides

Activity guides are divided into three levels:

  • Level 1 aims to establish foundational knowledge about a specific lung health issue using a fun and interactive true or false activity.
  • Level 2 explores different perspectives and/or opinions on a specific lung health issue using a small group activity to establish the arguments from each side of the issue
  • Level 3 provides an opportunity for youth to demonstrate the ability to apply appropriate skills and strategies in making decisions about their health through role play/discussion of different scenarios

All three levels are intended to engage young people, using interactive activities, while inspiring critical thinking and reflection.

Each level is approximately 40-45 minutes and consists of an introduction, core activity, and debrief. We have provided sample energizers and debriefing activities, however, we encourage you to mix and match and/or incorporate your own activities, if needed, to best meet the needs of your group.

NOTE: If you’re looking for Ontario Curriculum Links, please use this document.