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Let’s make a splash this #WorldAsthmaDay with Maggie Mac Neil

 My name is Maggie Mac Neil, and sitting on the sidelines has never been my style. 

I’ve earned my place in the spotlight winning gold, silver, and bronze for Canada in Tokyo and breaking records with seven medals at the games in Santiago — all while battling asthma.

But for many Canadians, ‘sitting on the sidelines’ is an unfortunate reality. The Lung Health Foundation’s research reveals that almost 30% of Canadians living with asthma have missed out on life experiences because of uncontrolled symptoms.

With 3.8 million Canadians impacted — including 850,000 kids — that adds up to a lot of missed moments and dropped dreams. 

Let’s team up to give Canadians their special moments back.

As a treasured Lung Health Foundation supporter, your generous World Asthma Day gift will help the Lung Health Foundation empower millions of Canadians to live a life unlimited by asthma.

The Lung Health Foundation’s approach to asthma empowerment is one-of-a-kind. Not only do they create future breakthroughs through innovative asthma research, but they also shape the day-to-day well-being of Canadians. They do it through their expertly designed tools like the Asthma Action Plan — a life-changing resource that enables people living with asthma to self-manage their condition, prevent dangerous asthma attacks, and keep doing the things they love. 

That includes things like staying active, and it’s why Fitness for Breath is a favourite initiative for Lung Health Foundation supporters! This quality-of-life-boosting program empowers people living with lung disease to stay active while building urgently needed community connections. Last year, the Lung Health Foundation doubled the reach of this gap-filling program, but the need continues to grow daily. Your support today could help the Lung Health Foundation double it again by next World Asthma Day!

For me, World Asthma Day is personal.

Asthma has been a part of my life since I was diagnosed with sports-induced asthma aggravated by chlorine. As a teenage swimmer with big dreams, this news meant shorter races and finding the right treatment for me, but it didn’t mean hanging up my goggles for good. 

We may need to modify our activities, but people living with asthma can do amazing things when we have access to expert information and compassionate support from organizations like the Lung Health Foundation. Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, the Lung Health Foundation makes the impossible feel possible! 

With good asthma control and a supportive team behind me, I’m achieving my dreams. Doesn’t every Canadian deserve that chance? 

Yours in lung health,



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