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Lung Health Foundation Applauds U.K.’s Bold Step to Ban Tobacco Products to Those Born in 2009 or Later – and Asks Canadians to “Take the Pledge to Create a Smoke-Free Generation”

In a resounding victory for lung health, U.K. lawmakers have set a groundbreaking precedent by banning tobacco product sales to individuals born in 2009 or later. This monumental move has ignited a flame of hope for a future where our children breathe easier and live longer, free from the chains of smoking-related illnesses.

The Lung Health Foundation celebrates this pivotal moment and urges Canadians to heed the call for change. It’s not just about imposing taxes or erecting barriers; it’s about fostering a grassroots movement that champions the well-being of our youth.

We are asking Canadians to rally behind our cause and Take the Pledge to Create a Smoke-Free Generation. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards a healthier tomorrow. Sign up for our virtual policy forum Halt the Haze: A Strategic Approach to Ending Youth Vaping in Canadaon Thursday, April 18 at 1 pm ET and take the pledge right away. This is where Canada’s best thought leaders and experts come together to tackle the most pressing issues in healthcare today.

But the fight doesn’t end there. Our latest campaign, #BiggerThanBigTobacco, is about the urgency of breaking the cycle of addiction. Smoking, vaping, and nicotine exposure not only jeopardize physical health but also inflict lasting damage on mental well-being. Let’s debunk the myth that these habits alleviate stress and peer pressure – they only perpetuate a cycle of dependency and despair.

Imagine a Canada where teenagers never have to face the temptation of tobacco products. A Canada where laws are enforced to safeguard our youth from the clutches of addiction. By taking the pledge, you’re not just making a statement – you’re igniting a movement. You’re saying no to Big Tobacco and yes to a future where every breath is a testament to resilience and vitality.

As a frontline member of the National Lung Health Alliance (NLHA), we stand united in our quest for change. Together, we amplify our voices and amplify our impact. Let’s show the world that we are #BiggerThanBigTobacco. Let’s build a nation where every child breathes freely and dreams limitlessly.

Join the movement. Take the Pledge. Together, we’ll pave the way for a smoke-free generation.

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