Meet Our Volunteers

A century ago, Canadians gave their time and effort to help us end tuberculosis. Today, they are playing a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goal of improving lung health. We asked our volunteers why they joined our family. Here’s what they had to say:

Carolyn Swora profile picture

I’m extremely proud to be part of the dynamic volunteer base of the Lung Health Foundation. It was important for me to contribute to an organization that is forward thinking, purpose driven and leaders in their field. The Lung Health Foundation is all of these things. I have the opportunity to learn from insightful people and contribute to a meaningful cause – helping people breathe easier. ​

Carolyn Swora

Manny, a LHF Volunteer
I enjoy volunteering my time and using my knowledge to help the Lung Health Foundation in meeting their mandate. I also enjoy working with the Finance Committee, Board of Directors, and senior management, as they all bring a wealth of knowledge to the organization. Volunteering has been especially rewarding to me having met my wife lending my time to a Filipino community organization. Today, we have two wonderful children that keep us busy with their activities. I believe it is incumbent on us to give back to society by volunteering in some capacity and I enjoy giving my time to help the Lung Health Foundation

Manny Binaday

Joanna Wilson, board member of the LHF

Throughout my career, I have worked extensively in the respiratory space — from asthma and COPD, to smoking cessation, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza. As a communicator, I have worked with organizations to raise awareness about important public lung health issues such as vaccination, tobacco control and the impact of uncontrolled asthma.

I was asked to join the Marketing Council thanks to our work together on raising awareness about the Ontario ban on smoking in cars with children under the age of 16. Smoking cessation and confronting the lack of empathy for people with lung cancer are personal passions of mine, particularly since my mother-in-law passed away from the disease in 2011. Nobody deserves to have cancer, regardless of what type. When it comes to lung cancer, Canadians deserve care, treatment, and support.

Joanna Wilson