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Month: April 2024

Lung Health Foundation Applauds U.K.’s Bold Step to Ban Tobacco Products to Those Born in 2009 or Later – and Asks Canadians to “Take the Pledge to Create a Smoke-Free Generation”

In a resounding victory for lung health, U.K. lawmakers have set a groundbreaking precedent by banning tobacco product sales to individuals born in 2009 or later. This monumental move has ignited a flame of hope for a future where our children breathe easier and live longer, free from the chains of smoking-related illnesses. The Lung Health Foundation celebrates this pivotal moment and urges Canadians to heed the call for change. It’s not just about imposing taxes or erecting barriers; it’s about fostering a grassroots movement that champions the well-being of our youth.

The Alliance for a Tobacco Free Ontario applauds the Chief Medical Officer Health of Ontario for a comprehensive 2023 Annual Report addressing tobacco and vape use

In March 2024, the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) for Ontario released an extensive report focused on substance use and its detrimental effects. The report presents a strong strategic plan aimed at addressing tobacco and vape use and its repercussions. The Alliance for a Tobacco Free Ontario (ATFO) which includes the Canadian Cancer Society, Heart & Stroke, the Canadian Lung Association, the Ontario Medical Association, the Ontario Public Health Association, the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit, and the Lung Health Foundation strongly supports the report and its recommendations, particularly its holistic strategy for tackling not only tobacco and vaping use, but also other new nicotine products, essential for protecting Ontarians.