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The National Lung Health Alliance: Advocating for Changes

Today, the Lung Health Foundation proudly joins the National Lung Health Alliance (NLHA), a coalition of provincial and national associations with a shared mission: to prioritize lung health across Canada. 

Our mission focuses on three key areas:  

1) Youth Vaping: We advocate for a ‘smoke-free generation’ and the ban on flavoured vapes to protect our youth. 

2) COPD: As air quality worsens, we strive to raise awareness, improve diagnostics, and support those affected by COPD. 

3)Air Quality: Our goal is to reduce indoor radon exposure, promoting healthier homes and safer air for all Canadians.  

Join us in creating a Canada where everyone can breathe easier and live healthier. 

Follow #TakingAction4LungHealth to stay updated on our discussions with MPs in Parliament. 🗳️ 

The NLHA stands as a powerful testament to the collective strength of passionate organizations working toward a healthier, breath-filled future for all Canadians. 

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