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Welcome to

Imagine a future where…

Where no one loses a loved one to asthma.

Where people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) live their lives to the fullest by staying out of hospital. 

Where people living with lung cancer have a fighting chance by eliminating the barrier of the stigma.

Where older adults don’t lose their independence in life.

Where future generations don’t suffer the debilitating effects of lung disease.

The Lung Health Foundation is committed to making this future a reality. And this new future starts today.

A new name… a renewed mission

Notice something different? Our new name, fresh logo, and bold colour palette are putting the urgency of lung health front and centre—like we do, every day, through our programs and services.

a diagram of the new LHF logo. To the left of the Foundation name, there is a lung-shaped exclamation mark, and the phrase lung health starts now

What has evolved, along with our name?

  • Our new areas of focus are helping us maximize our impact and fill gaps across five critical lung health issues.
  • Our programs are expanding. Watch for new Fitness for Breath locations and a more personalized Lung Health Line experience coming soon.
  • Our work in promoting healthy policy change — that is, advocating for your lungs — is reaching even further. Watch for even more national projects on the horizon. 
  • Best of all, we are renewing our commitment to putting people affected by lung disease at the heart of everything we do. 

What has stayed the same?

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