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Meet Lisa. She’s got some lung cancer wisdom to share.

“It’s not a death sentence anymore. There’s always hope. There’s so many treatments available."

This Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we asked people what advice they’d give to themselves back when they were diagnosed with lung cancer. Their answers may surprise you. They’re more hopeful than you might think.

For Lisa, hope is everything. It comes from having access to groundbreaking targeted therapy that treats her Stage IV cancer while preserving her quality of life. And make no mistake, Lisa packs a lot into that life with her husband, children, and five grandchildren by her side!

Lisa wants you to know that life doesn’t end when you get a lung cancer diagnosis.  There are treatments, there is community, and there is hope. But Lisa is realistic about the hard work that goes into building hope, too. “We need people. We need funding. We need awareness.”

There’s more reasons than ever to be hopeful about lung cancer, but don’t take it from us. Take it from Lisa:

Lung cancer advice from Lisa's family

More than 30,000 Canadians are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, leaving 30,000 families looking for hope. Here’s what Lisa’s family needs you to know about lung cancer:

It's better to know, and to know early.

"My advice to someone who is having issues with shortness of breath or a lingering cough is to consult with their doctor. Don't ignore the signs and symptoms. Lung Cancer is silent and the majority is being diagnosed at stage 4. I urge them to advocate for themselves and seek early testing." 

Danielle, daughter of Lisa and Bil

Pictured here with Rob, Jack, Brody, and Brooklyn

Stigma hurts...

"Something I wish people knew about lung cancer is that anyone can get it. There is a stigma with lung cancer, that only smoker's can get it. This is not the truth and it makes lung cancer patients feel guilty. No one deserves lung cancer. If you have lungs you can get lung cancer."

Sam, daughter of Lisa and Bill

Pictured here with Josh and Chloe

...but love is a powerful lifeline.

"My advice for supporting a loved one with lung cancer is to be a good listener. At times you'll be lost for answers and that's ok. Educate yourself, connect with support groups for guidance. Celebrate the small victories, acknowledge and celebrate all the positive milestones in their journey."

Ben, son of Lisa and Bill

Pictured here with Laura and Charlie

Your Lung Cancer Awareness Month gift today will make an impact all year long!

The Lung Health Foundation is rallying behind people like Lisa and unlocking new hope through advocacy, support, and research. Since lung cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada, we urgently need your help to meet the demand!

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