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Breathe Change – Lung Health Policy Forum

What is it?

A free virtual policy forum series brought to you by the Lung Health Foundation designed to create impactful moments of change, awareness, hope and vision for the future.

The link between your breathing and public policy is stronger than you may think!  That’s why we urge you to advocate for your lungs at Breathe Change, our Lung Health Policy Forum series. We’re bringing diverse thought leaders to the table and tackling some of the most urgent issues facing healthcare today, and we need your voice. 

Join us for transformative conversations on lung health issues in Canada.

Halt the Haze

Topic: A Strategic Approach to Ending Youth Vaping in Canada

Date: April 18, 2024

The Lung Health Foundation will never stop advocating for your breath. Your gift today will allow us to continue creating actionable solutions to breathing barriers.