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Benefits of well-controlled asthma during pregnancy

Healthy breathing is vital to a healthy pregnancy!

Benefits of well controlled asthma for you include:

Lower risk of hospitalization: A study of 100,000+ pregnant Ontarians found that asthma-related hospitalizations soared during pregnancy. With good asthma control, you can prevent asthma flare-ups and stay comfortable at home. 

Lower risk of pre-eclampsia: Good asthma control lowers your risk of pre-eclampsia, a dangerous complication that causes high blood pressure and damage to organs.

Lower risk of gestational diabetes: Having well-controlled asthma brings your risk of developing gestational diabetes to a similar risk of someone who doesn’t have asthma.

A healthier, more active pregnancy: With good control, asthma won’t hold you back from staying active. Your healthcare provider can help you understand how much activity is right for you.



Benefits of well controlled asthma for baby include:

Better oxygen supply: Baby needs a constant supply of oxygen from you. Well-controlled asthma helps your baby get the oxygen needed for their growth and development.

Lower risk of premature birth: Well-controlled asthma lowers your baby’s risk of arriving too early.

Healthier weight at birth: Baby is more likely to be born within a healthy weight range if your asthma symptoms are well controlled. Some studies suggest that babies born at healthy weights are less likely to develop asthma themselves.

More information on pregnancy and asthma:

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