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Ask A Geek: Free asthma resources for kids

Prior to 2020, the Lung Health Foundation operated as the Ontario Lung Association. Enjoy this content from our archives.


Dear BreathingGeek,
My son has just been diagnosed with asthma. It’s kind of a relief to finally know what’s causing his wheezing but I feel like this family need to snap into learning mode fast. We’re diving into your website for our answers, but do you have any resources that can explain asthma to kids?
– Mississauga Mama Bear

LeVar Burton, host of the 90s television show Reading Rainbow, looks at an oversized magical group with an excited group of kids 

Let’s celebrate that genius segue with some high quality ’90s era special effects courtesy of Reading Rainbow. Slick.

Dear MMB,

You’ve come to the right place, as we have kid-approved resources you can order. For free. With just a couple of clicks.

Oh, and it also happens to be International Children’s Book Day, so…

It’s great that you’re taking a whole-family approach to learning about asthma. We hope you’re encouraged by what you’ve seen in our web resources – especially the news that with good asthma control, your son can have a happy, active life! As long as he sticks to his action plan, asthma won’t be slowing him down.

Now, let’s get HIM feeling as confident as you are:ASTHMA ACTIVE is a free book of puzzles, games and information to teach kids aged 7 to 10 how to control their asthma and stay active. It’s a great way to learn that having asthma doesn’t mean having to sit on the sidelines.


CALL ME BRAVE BOY is a colourful 20 page picture book on childhood asthma designed for a parent or caregiver to read to a young child who has asthma. Children can follow along with the wonderful Michael Martchenko (think classic Robert Munsch goodness!) illustrations. It’s ideal for kids ages 2 through 6.


And one more thing, MMB: if you still have questions about your kiddo’s asthma diagnosis, you’ll want to watch this gem from our webcast archives. It’ll address a lot of questions and concerns you have!

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