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Annual Report 2021-2022

It’s been a busy year at the Lung Health Foundation as we continue to be industry leaders in lung health education, support and advocacy, focusing on helping Canadians breathe easier.

During our second full year of living in the pandemic, staff and volunteers continued to operate with precision and clarity, meeting the challenges COVID-19 presented head on. This included helping our communities filter through the steady, and often confusing and contradictory, stream of information and resources. Through it all, our priority remains clear – to protect the lung health of Canadians.

Our legacy continues to be educating and raising awareness around critical issues in lung health, providing frontline services and support, supporting practice change, and advocating for our community of patients and caregivers.

We’re doing this through the ongoing work of our strategic plan, Lung Health Starts Now! This plan represents our roadmap forward and informs everything we do:

  • Ensuring that no one loses a loved one to asthma
  • Helping people with COPD live their lives to their fullest by keeping them out of the hospital
  • Giving people living with lung cancer a fighting chance by removing the barrier of stigma
  • Protecting all Canadians against the impact of COVID-19, and ensure that older adults don’t lose their independence in life
  • Reducing smoking and vaping rates so that future generations don’t experience the debilitating effects of lung disease.

To read more about the work that we’ve done, please click here or use the button below. Please know that none of this is possible without you. We extend our sincere and deepest thanks to our community of patients and caregivers, donors and funders, partners and volunteers who are helping us
make our vision a reality.

Join us, as we take a collective deep breath and look towards the future – while reflecting on all that we have accomplished.

Help us continue to fund our many lung health programs and services – provided free to Canadians struggling with lung disease. Make your donation today at or by using the button below. Your donation will be used in a transparent and responsible way as we continue in our mission to help Canadians breathe easier.

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