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Systemic Barriers Stand in the Way of Lung Health for All

When we re-introduced ourselves as the Lung Health Foundation, we stepped up to play a critical role in ending gaps in the prevention, diagnosis, and care of lung disease in Canada. These gaps include things like timely lung tumour testing, access to cutting edge treatments, and the ability to participate in outcome-boosting programs like pulmonary rehabilitation. 

Whether a person experiences these gaps can depend on many factors, including geographic region and socioeconomic status. Furthermore, there is alarming evidence that these gaps can be widened by factors like race and ethnicity, resulting in poorer lung health outcomes for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) communities. 

The Lung Health Foundation decries these gaps as unacceptable, and is committed to doing our part to address the systemic inequalities that result in BIPOC communities showing poorer health outcomes across Canada. 

The Black Lives Matter movement has inspired the Lung Health Foundation to work harder to address inequality in respiratory care. More than ever, we are dedicated to:

  • Ensuring that our staff is as diverse as the country we call home;
  • Investigating how social determinants can result in lung health inequities, and architecting solutions;
  • Building education campaigns, resources, programs, and services that are inclusive to marginalized populations; and
  • Embedding the unique experiences of racialized groups in our policy and advocacy work. 

Lung health starts now ⁠— for everyone. 

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