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How Effective is Each COVID-19 Vaccine Against Each Variant?

Updated as of July 27, 2021

COVID-19 variants are a hot topic. Since we’re committed to keeping Canadians updated with the latest information on COVID-19, here’s the scoop!
What’s a variant?
Viruses evolve over time as they make copies of themselves. A virus that has one or more changes — a.k.a. mutations — is considered a variant of the original virus.
Why are virus variants concerning?
Depending on the kind of mutations, a virus may become easier to spread, or harder to prevent with vaccines. Luckily, Canada’s COVID-19 vaccines are all expected to provide some protection against the variants, and research is ongoing.
Want to learn more about the most common variants in Canada, and what level of protection each vaccine offers against them? Have a closer look by clicking the infographic below.

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