Building Awareness

We’re taking a unique approach using all the technology available to us to reach out to Canadians from all age groups in an effort to build awareness around Asthma, COPD, and Lung Cancer.

The Toker poses with George Habib

The Toker

Weed, pot, marijuana. Whatever you call it, cannabis is a legal substance with many potential therapeutic uses – but also many potential lung health risks. It is most commonly smoked or vaped, but other non-inhaled methods exist, too.

Read on to better understand the risks of smoking cannabis – and get practical advice to become a hero to your lungs.

When Was The Last Time You Got Carded?

Ontario’s iconic yellow immunization cards have helped families keep track of childhood vaccinations for decades. But it’s not just kids who need protection!

Our new Adult Immunization Card will help you keep track of more than a dozen vaccines, including the lung-protecting seasonal flu vaccine (recommended for all Ontarians aged 6 months and older) and the pneumonia vaccine (recommended for those at high pneumonia risk and adults aged 65 years and older).

Adult immune card