Better Breathing Week, February 6-10, 2023

Save the date and join us February 6-10, 2023, for one of the largest and longest-running respiratory events in Canada!

Better Breathing Week is the Lung Health Foundation’s marquee annual event and represents our work in the national lung health space. This year’s conference will bring together much needed public education through accredited, informational sessions by healthcare providers that will lead to patient empowerment and powerful policy discussions.

It’s where policy, education and changing practices come together.

For more information, visit

Missed the 2022 conference?

To view a selection from last year’s conference, please click on the Access the 2022 Conference button below.

Sponsorship for Better Breathing Week 2023

Want to get a head start on sponsorship opportunities for next year’s conference? Click to contact Daniella Shurgold.

Thank you to all our attendees, speakers, panellists and sponsors for making this educational adventure possible. Together, we’re truly creating a world where everyone can breathe better!

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