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Answers to your top 3 COVID-19 immunity questions

The Lung Health Foundation is made up of some pretty incredible people who are working together (but apart!) to help Canadians breathe with ease. Today, we would like to introduce you to Dr. Dawn Bowdish, a member of our national Lung Health Advisory.
Dr. Bowdish is McMaster University professor and a Canada Research Chair in Aging & Immunity. She’s also a dedicated LHF volunteer and a member of our Board of Directors!
Below, you’ll find Dr. Bowdish answering some of your top questions about COVID-19 and your body’s immune response. Oh, and one more thing — she’s practicing social distancing and filming her answers from her own backyard!

The 3 types of immune responses (and why it matters in the fight against COVID-19)

Why are older adults more likely to be affected by #COVID19?

How can I keep my immune system in good shape?

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