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Quit Smoking Tips

Making the decision to quit smoking is perhaps the most difficult step in the process. Congratulations! You are taking a big step towards a healthier life. The Lung Health Foundation has tools, tips and support

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Lung Cancer Treatment

Your treatment team will consider a number of factors when choosing treatments that will fight your cancer most effectively. They will consider your overall health, age, and personal situation. They will also consider the unique

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Lung Cancer Screening

“Screening” means checking for cancer before symptoms develop, even if you feel healthy. Screening can help detect cancer in its earliest stages. In this section: • Who should be screened for lung cancer? • How

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Breathing Space Fall 2020

Contents The air is crisp. The leaves are changing. Have you checked in with your chest lately? While lung health is a year-round issue, the changing of seasons is a great opportunity to stop and

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5 Goals for 5 Years

Our Commitment When we re-introduced ourselves as the Lung Health Foundation, our message was clear: we will end gaps in the prevention, diagnosis, and care of lung disease in Canada.  The goals that we are

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