Lung Health Ambassadors

We are always seeking new Lung Health Ambassadors to represent their community/region. For more information about becoming a Lung Health Ambassador, call our Lung Health Line at 1-888-344-LUNG (5864) or email

Who are we?

Lung Health Ambassadors (LHAs) are lung health champions who assist in raising awareness about the importance of lung health in Ontario. They may or may not have lung disease themselves.

Often, they share their experience about COPDasthmalung cancer, or other lung diseases with others. This could include people in their communities, elected government officials (MPs, MPPs) or others with lung disease.

Our LHAs join quarterly teleconference meetings facilitated by staff of the Lung Health Foundation. These meetings provide an opportunity for LHAs to hear about policy and advocacy updates and for LHAs to share what is happening in their community. They may also choose to participate in initiatives to promote lung disease awareness and to advocate for new/improved lung health policies and strategies in Ontario to both politicians and the public.

Who can join?

To become a Lung Health Ambassador you should:

  • Be energetic and enthusiastic about lung health advocacy and interested in increasing awareness about lung disease in your community.
  • Have a lung disease, such as COPD, asthma, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis or another lung disease, or know someone who has lung disease (family member, caregiver or friend).
  • Be willing to share your experience with having lung disease as well as the activities of your support group if you belong to one.
  • Belong to a lung support group, respiratory rehabilitation or maintenance exercise program, or you can simply represent yourself.

What is involved?

On a volunteer basis, you may choose to participate in all or selected activities that are best suited to your schedule and your personality:

  • Participate in quarterly teleconferences hosted by the Lung Health Foundation, and share the updates from those meetings with your local support group / community members. There is no cost to the participants.
  • Take part in television and radio interviews in order to share your personal experience in coping with lung disease.
  • Be a member of a lung support group or may assist in forming new support groups in the community. Please note: You don’t have to belong to a support group to be a Lung Health Ambassador.
  • Meet with the Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) regarding lung health initiatives.
  • Attend events or face-to-face meetings related to lung health advocacy and promotion. Note: some expenses may be paid by the Lung Health Foundation.
  • Be featured in our e-newsletters and resources.
  • Be the voice between the Lung Health Foundation and the support group (if you belong to one), sharing what you learned about lung disease or current lung health initiatives in Ontario.

You make the difference.

Your support makes our programs, like fitness for breath, possible. We cannot complete our work without compassionate donors like you.