Your support is more crucial than ever before

With COVID-19 putting us all at risk of experiencing a serious respiratory infection, investments in lung health are more crucial than ever before.
The Lung Health Foundation is urgently doubling down on efforts to coordinate an effective response — but we just cannot do it alone.
Fortunately, the actions we have outlined below have inspired a few other organizations along the way. And thanks to our generous partners at Covis Pharma, the first $10,000 we raise will be matched dollar-for-dollar this weekend .* As a Lung Health Foundation supporter, your impact will be doubled at a crucial moment.
This is our chance to make history in the fight against an unprecedented risk to Canada’s respiratory health. Will you join us?
Since you are a part of the Lung Health Foundation community, we would like to share our COVID-19 strategy with you.

1. We are expanding our research program to include studies that tackle COVID-19 and other deadly infectious diseases.

By dedicating resources to some of the most respected researchers in the field, we aim to get closer to prevention, diagnosis and treatment solutions for infectious diseases like COVID-19 as quickly as possible.

2. A key goal right now is to keep people with existing lung diseases out of hospital.

One of the greatest contributions we can make is to keep people healthy at home and reduce the strain on our healthcare system. Through expanded investments in the Lung Health Line , we’re helping patients living with lung diseases like COPD and asthma to manage their conditions at home and stay out of hospital. That means more beds, ventilators and staff will be available for critical COVID-19 patients when needed.
Preventative home support also means fewer vulnerable patients — like those fighting lung cancer — need to risk going out to visit doctors, clinics, pharmacies and emergency departments. That’s why we’ve doubled the number of Certified Respiratory Educators and Certified Tobacco Educators serving our Lung Health Line, giving more patients greater support via phone, email or web chat. 

3. Your support helps us offer support groups – despite social distancing – that are essential for patient recovery and well-being.

Our brand new phone-in support group system allows patients to continue to benefit from emotional support, social connection and shared information. As well, digital delivery programs enable us to help people with lung disease continue their respiratory exercise maintenance programs at home.
Digital delivery is also how we can provide reliable, life-saving information on COVID-19, curated by a network of physicians and health professionals, in a timely fashion.
* All donations will be matched up to a total amount of $10,000 by Covis Pharma. Please note that matching gifts cannot be applied to events or monthly gifts.
If your company is interested in getting involved, contact Daniella Shurgold to discuss your options today.

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