Angus Pratt

World Cancer Day 2021

Despite six cycles of chemotherapy combined with 30 days of radiation followed by immunotherapy, Angus Pratt’s cancer progressed to stage four in just months. There is no stage five.

Only 19% of people with lung cancer live five years past diagnosis. Angus is in year three so he prepares for the day his three sons join the 58 families who lose a loved one to cancer every day. It’s already taken his mother away, impacted his brother, and in 2018, cancer took his wife Yvette.

Still, he stays positive and describes himself as a lung cancer thriver, looking for beauty in ordinary moments. When he is not working on his latest web design project, Angus runs 10K a couple of times a week and enjoys writing poetry and working on his novel projects.

On February 4th, World Cancer Day, your gift of $35, or any amount you can manage, will help expand lung cancer support groups and other programs and services. The pandemic has left patients, their families and caregivers struggling to get the care they urgently need. You can help.

Through your generosity, we can give hope to the 30,000 people, like Angus, who will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year.

Angus has lost more to cancer than anyone should ever have to. Can we count on you to make a real and immediate difference?