World Asthma Day 2021

As a child, Jennifer Falkiner didn’t have any breathing issues. It wasn’t until she reached her 30’s that she began experiencing coughing, shortness of breath and tightness in her chest. She was diagnosed with asthma, a chronic lung condition that makes it hard to breathe.

In Canada, asthma is the third most common chronic disease. There is no cure.

It can be controlled with medication and avoiding triggers. But, for those living with severe asthma, it’s more challenging. Something that Jennifer had to learn first-hand.

“I was having problems at work one day and being that I was a letter carrier, I worked outside in the heat, in the cold, carrying heavy weights. I went to my boss because I knew I would have a problem with my asthma in the humidity.”

Uncontrolled severe asthma forced Jennifer to go home that day. She was unable to complete her route.

All people with asthma can experience difficulty breathing. But for patients living with severe asthma, even daily activities can be life-threatening.

On May 5th, World Asthma Day, your gift of $40, or any amount you can manage, will help us help those literally gasping for breath.

Three million Canadians have asthma. Tens of thousands go to the emergency room every year. And, tragically, some never make it home. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re working to ensure no one loses a loved one to asthma.

Through your generosity, we can give hope to the estimated 300 Canadians, like Jennifer, who will be diagnosed with asthma today.

With guidance from her respiratory specialist and new treatments, Jennifer was able to go back to living a full life. She goes kayaking, enjoys snowshoeing and hikes outdoors.

“I wish more people had the opportunity that I did.

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