Cannabis Research

Breaking down barriers through crucial cannabis research

A major gap was revealed when cannabis became legal in Canada: the lack of scientific research about how using it affects your health. The Lung Health Foundation has joined forces with an industry partner to fill that gap by funding a research program that investigates various health impacts of cannabis use – whether used recreationally or as a medical option for chronic disease pain management and treatment. It’s another way we’re using research and innovation to protect your lungs.

Why cannabis research?

The results of these projects will ensure there is a larger evidence-base to pull from when educating the public and healthcare providers about the impact of cannabis use on lung health.

How will the research be driven?

The research funded as a result of this collaboration will be driven by the Lung Health Foundation in partnership with Tetra Bio-Pharma. It will be fully peer reviewed and administered in a completely arms-length manner from the Funder.


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