On #GivingTuesday, all gifts are matched! Here’s a sneak peek of your gift’s impact

Giving Tuesday is a special day for all charitable organizations. But as one with a mission of helping Canadians breathe, the events of 2020 have set this up to be an extraordinary day for the Lung Health Foundation. 
The first $30,000* that we raise today will be matched by a dynamic duo —an anonymous partner who has teamed up with a member of our Board of Directors to double your impact.

 If you share our vision for a better breathing future, we invite you to learn about the kind of impact your Giving Tuesday gift will have: 


Your gift will help us reach millions of Canadians with a lifesaving lung cancer campaign (here’s a sneak peek)

“Right away people ask, ‘Are you a smoker?’ That’s unfair. It’s just the wrong question. The fact is, if you’ve got lungs, you can get lung cancer…

Your donation to the Lung Health Foundation will not only help ask the right questions, but find the right answers. And give people with lung cancer — like me — the chance to celebrate their kids’ birthdays for many years to come.”

Juliana – a mother living with lung cancer, and an ambassador in our soon-to-launch public education campaign

Outcome: People with lung cancer get the support and care that they deserve (no matter what their smoking history is)

Your gift will help us expand our Fitness for Breath program

“I think it’s gonna prolong my life a little longer because if I didn’t come here I just really wouldn’t get no physical exercise for my lungs at all.” Fitness for Breath participant
“There really isn’t anything that caters to people with a breathing disability such as COPD, or anything leading up to that, and this is a good way for them to comfortably be able to get active in a controlled setting.” Fitness for Breath trainer

Outcome: People with COPD, severe asthma, and other lung conditions can keep active safely in a program custom built for them

Your gift will help us fund infectious respiratory disease research… looking for answers to questions that no other lung health charity is asking

“Really our question is, ‘Are individuals that smoke cannabis pre-disposed to increased viral infections, viral respiratory tract infections?’ Due to the restrictions on using cannabis, and experimenting with cannabis in the research lab, there’s been a knowledge gap.” Dr. Jeremy Hirota, researcher

Outcome: By investing in research, we are a part of the solution. Research allows us to create evidence-based programming and services for all

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