Breathing Space Fall 2020


The air is crisp. The leaves are changing. Have you checked in with your chest lately?

While lung health is a year-round issue, the changing of seasons is a great opportunity to stop and evaluate your breathing. Are you huffing and puffing, hacking or crackling? Those lungs might be giving you a noisy wake-up call. Start autumn off right by taking our Lung Health Check, then check in with our Lung Health Line. We’ll help you breathe your best all season long.

Lung health starts now! 


Asthma Safe Learning

Whether a child has been in the classroom since September or they’ve recently made a switch from virtual to in-person learning, our back-to-school protocol will help them breathe their best.

Read on for five tips that will help prevent asthma flare-ups all year long.

  1. Take the Asthma Control Check. Let’s see whether you’re in control.
  2. Make a family flu shot plan. Scroll for more reasons why it’s more important than ever.
  3. Download our resources. We have resources for parents/guardians and teachers – and some special downloads for kids, too!
  4. Review your inhaler technique. If your child isn’t using their inhaler properly, their medication won’t be able to do its job.
  5. Speak to an expert. You have free access to Certified Respiratory Educators (CREs) through our Lung Health Line. Chat with us live at, email, or call 1-888-344-LUNG (5864). The Lung Health Line runs Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 EST.
Back to school supplies

Lung Health Foundation vs. Flu Season 2020

Getting your seasonal flu vaccination is more important than ever. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth a shot. 

  1. It’s a safe and effective way to protect your lungs. The flu shot is safe for almost everyone. It reduces your risk of developing flu by up to 60%. 
  2. It can help keep you out of the hospital. The flu shot reduces your risk of serious complications that could you land you in the hospital – which means less risk to you, and more care for Canadians fighting COVID-19.
  3. It gives you one less thing to worry about. You have more than enough going on right now, the flu and it’s potentially deadly complications don’t need to be concerns too. Someday, we’ll have a vaccine that protects us from COVID-19. Until then, let’s keep our lungs as healthy as possible.
An elderly woman gets a flu shot

Protect your lungs at any age

Adults aged 65 years and older or who are at higher risk may require stronger flu and/or pneumococcal pneumonia protection. Ask your healthcare provider about your flu and pneumonia vaccine options.

The Toker Is Back

In today’s world of pandemic restrictions, Canadians are overindulging in online behaviours – like, say, hours of video streaming. Even more alarmingly, many who use cannabis have upped their consumption since the pandemic began.  

Looks like we need a hero.

Enter the Toker, a not-so-super hero who’s helping young adults make informed choices. For the next 13 weeks, the Toker will be interrupting their regularly scheduled online “binge-watching” with the message that smoking cannabis can harm your lungs. He’s speaking from experience: our caped cannabis crusader displays several worrying symptoms. 

Like last year, the Toker campaign is offering young adults practical tips that will help them protect their lungs, with advice that ranges from choosing products lower in certain cannabinoids all the way to quitting for good. And when they’re ready to quit, we’ll be there to help. 

To learn more about the risks associated with inhaled cannabis use and to learn about how young adult Canadians can protect their lungs, visit


Stop asking THIS question about Lung Cancer

Think back to the last time you heard about someone’s lung cancer diagnosis. What was the first question you asked?

A New Partnership

The Lung Health Foundation and Lung Cancer Canada have joined forces to change the conversation about lung cancer from blame and shame to care and compassion. Here’s how you can help:
Get the facts, explore our research report, and hear real stories of how the wrong question hurt and harmed:

Donate to help us find a cure through life saving research:

Your Dollars, Your Impact

Lung Health Foundation research alumni join the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 means that every one of us, young and old, is now at risk of a serious new respiratory illness. Members of our researcher network are on the case.

Meet Dr. Jeremy Hirota. If you’ve been subscribed to Breathing Space for a while, you’ve probably heard about his LHF-funded research projects, like finding ways to make COPD medications more effective. Like many scientists, Dr. Hirota’s research is now shifting to COVID-19. 

Dr. Hirota and his team at McMaster University have established a number of innovative research projects in response to the current health crisis. One of these studies hopes to improve diagnostic testing, while another is investigating why the severity of COVID-19 varies so much from person to person. 

Dr. jeremy hirota

Better Breathing Conference 2021

Registration for our Better Breathing conference opens soon (with a twist!)

Did you know that the Better Breathing Conference has been educating healthcare providers since 1983? It’s true! 

This year, we’re shaking things up. Not only will this accredited conference be 100% virtual and 100% free, but for the first time ever we’ve added new sessions just for patients and caregivers! 

Registration opens in November. Stay tuned!

New (and Improved) Resources

Our free downloadable resources connect you with the knowledge you need to protect your lungs and breathe your best. Simply download and go! 
The latest additions to our resource library will help you live well with COPD, keep track of your asthma, and start your smoke-free journey. 

Asthma Diary

An asthma diary helps you keep track of:
  • asthma symptoms
  • medication use
  • peak flow meter readings
  • asthma triggers

Living With COPD

In this resource, we will be highlighting strategies that can help you manage your COPD, stay out of the hospital, and live a full and active life.

Journey to Quit- A Guide to Quit Smoking

This workbook is designed as a self-help guide complete with ideas and tools to assist people who have decided to quit smoking. The guide allows people to go at their own pace and comfort level and choose the ideas and approach that best suit their individual needs. The workbook is written in a supportive and non-judgmental way, and is encouraging even when setbacks may occur.

Support safe lungs. Masks on! 

When combined with other public health measures, wearing a mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

When you purchase a Lung Health Foundation mask, you’re not just doing your part to flatten the curve. You’re also helping us build programs that ensure nobody faces lung disease alone.

Lung Health Foundation Face Mask

Upcoming support groups

We can’t come together in person right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to face lung disease alone.
Our phone-in support group is here for you! Share your experience, connect with others, get to know the Lung Health Foundation staff, and receive up-to-date news on diagnosis, disease management and resources.

Who it’s for
Everyone is welcome (patients and caregivers). All lung diseases / conditions.
Upcoming phone sessions

  • Wednesday, November 4th | 11:00 am to noon
  • Wednesday, December 9th | 11:00 am to noon
  • Wednesday, January 13th | 11:00 am to noon

How to join
Join us toll-free by dialing 1- (877) 213-6937, followed by the conference code: 845 200 1122 #.
For more information or to add your name to the group distribution list, please contact Jody Hamilton.

Upcoming events

Respiratory Health Forum | Wednesday, October 21

This free one day event is designed for primary-care professionals who want to learn innovative approaches to lung health, and explore the latest respiratory guidelines from leading medical experts. Learn more and register here.

Pediatric Asthma Webinar Series | Every Wednesday from October 28 to December 2

Calling all healthcare providers! Our Pediatric Asthma Webinar Series was created to address gaps in knowledge and training regarding diagnosis, risk factors, appropriate pharmacotherapy, and strategies to assist with overall management of asthma in children and youth in the community. See all our workshops here.

Festival of Trees


Better Breathing Conference | January 18 to 22

This one’s not just for healthcare professionals anymore!
Thought healthcare providers will continue to benefit from the conference’s accredited networking and education opportunities, we’ve added a NEW patient and caregiver stream. For five days in January, we’ll explore the latest developments in asthma, COPD, lung cancer, infectious disease, and vaping/smoking cessation.
Registration opens in November.