Vaccine Options

There’s more than one flu vaccine available.

To find out which provides the level of protection best for you, talk to your healthcare provider about your vaccine options.

A full list of approved flu vaccines is available at Public Health Agency of Canada. It includes egg-based, non-egg based and cell-based options.

There is also a high-dose flu vaccine option for people over age 65 or those with chronic lung conditions who have a need for a vaccine with more robust protection. 

The high-dose vaccine has been shown to be 24% more effective than the standard-dose vaccine at preventing influenza in older adults.

The pneumococcal pneumonia vaccines provide an added layer of protection for seniors and those at higher risk of the flu’s most serious complications.

Get the flu shot

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If you have questions about getting the flu shot, reach out to our Lung Health Line for free personalized assistance from a Certified Respiratory Educator. Chat online at or call toll-free 1-888-344-LUNG (5864).


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