Lung Health Agenda

Working Towards a National Lung Health Agenda

While the federal government has developed national strategies for virtually all of the other major chronic disease areas including diabetes, heart and stroke and dementia, lung disease continues to go overlooked and underfunded.

The Lung Health Foundation is determined to work towards building a National Lung Health Agenda that bridges the gaps in the prevention, diagnosis, and patient care of lung disease. A commitment from the Canadian government is crucial to realizing its development and implementation.

The Lung Health Foundation appreciates the political candidates that endorsed our call for a National Lung Health Agenda built on the three pillars of health promotion: awareness and disease prevention; disease detection and management; and research and surveillance.

List of Endorsers

The Honourable Dr. Hedy Fry

Party: Liberal 

Riding: Vancouver Centre

Whitney Hodgins 

Party: NDP

Riding: Brandon-Souris

Lenaee Dupuis 

Party: NDP

Riding: Oakville North-Burlington

Nick Page

Party: NDP

Riding: Burlington

Suresh Arangath

Party: NDP

Riding: Kitchener South-Hespeler

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